A satisfied customer doesn't satisfy us, only a delighted one does.


Introduction : Our company controls several business units, operating in different industries, ranging from manufacturing, client services, B2B projects, corporate consulting , to our Export & Import Unit.

For over 30 years, we have found that the combination of top-quality products and meaningful customer relations is the only way to achieve customer delight. Every one of our business units, and their extensions’ main priority, regardless of the industry, is to make certain we do not only provide the highest quality products but also exceed the expectations of our clients through our services and relations.


Vision : Businesses should strive for customer delight rather than just customer satisfaction.


Mission : In everything we do, rather than settling for customer satisfaction, we aim for customer delight by combining high-quality products with always exceeding our client's expectations through our customer relations.

Our Founder

Founder : Our founder is highly educated, and apart from completing his Doctor of Business Administration in the Netherlands, is also a certified quality manager, certified by the American Society for Quality, the most accredited quality society in the world. He then went on to consult some of the biggest corporations on strategic planning, cost management, and organizational development. Upon completing his doctorate degree at the #1 Business School in Europe at the time and finding great success in assisting many multinational corporations our founder was excited to introduce a new unit, our Corporate Training Unit.

Export & Import Unit

Export & Import Unit : For every new unit, our quality management system is customized and serves to guide the unit adhere to our strict quality guidelines regarding the quality of our products as well as the quality of communication and client relations.

These guiding values did not change when we founded our Export & Import unit in 2017. Ever since its creation we have had many opportunities for expanding this unit. However, to stay aligned with our main value, the belief that business should strive for customer delight, not just satisfaction, we have limited our product range for Phase 1 of our Export & import Unit to ensure the maximum level of customer delight our clients have always enjoyed.

After teaming up with some of Egypt’s biggest experts and are working with international suppliers from all over the world, we introduced our Phase 1 Export & Import products that include food and handmade textiles products.

Corporate Training Business Unit

Corporate Training Business Unit : Our corporate consulting unit has since its inception in 2010, assisted clients from Canada, the United States, Europe, Egypt, and the Middle East. Our structured consultation has successfully allowed our clients to see improvements in every aspect of their operations through the implementation of strategies that not only improve a corporation's profitability but also allow for growth that is sustainable.

Painting Services & Manufacturing Unit

Painting Services & Manufacturing Unit : For over three decades (Since 1973) our paint manufacturing plant has been able to meet the unique and special demands of architects, interior decorators, and B2B clients through our production system, and the utilization of the most up to date technology.

In 2000, we introduced materials and chemical combinations never before seen in the Egyptian market, which were combined with our customer relations, and allowed us to see new levels of success that we have been continuously building on ever since. This same year, we also started offering full service for projects; manufacturing, as well as fully implementing.

Recent Unit Expansions

Recent Unit Expansions : In early 2020, we were extremely excited to announce that two of our business units, the Painting Services & Manufacturing Unit, as well as our Export & Import Unit introduced new extensions to their operations.

For the first time, our Painting Services & Manufacturing Unit started offering individual homeowners our high-quality products and services. Guided by our main values, this extension aims to change the consensus in Egypt and make painting your home an enjoyable, rather than a stressful experience.

Our second extension was announced by our Export & Import Unit - Foods Department. At the beginning of 2020, our Foods Department expanded our product list and added 6 new food brands that should hit the market by mid-late 2020.

The future

The future : The trust our customers have put in us over the years is the reason we have been able to grow and successfully expand our operations and business units for more than 30 years now. We have always been grateful for this continued trust and we believe that this trust resulted from our commitment to customer delight and not just satisfaction. Therefore, we believe that for the continued growth and long-term sustainability of our company, these same values have to be deeply instilled in each and every one of our future leaders and team members.

Before any intern, new team member, or even a contractor works with us, we make sure our values are aligned and that they are a good fit. Our interns are taught from a young age that we are never satisfied unless a client is delighted, not just satisfied. Teaching those values rather than just technical aspects of a job is what sets our company apart, ensures continued and sustainable growth and keeps our vision and mission alive for many years to come.